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The specialist in zinc-flake coating systems from M2 to M150 upto 2000mm long in massproduction!

Duroc NV is licentiehouder en specialist op het gebied van Dörken MKS producten. Uit jaarlijkse audits en maandelijke technische ondersteunig is gebleken dat Duroc NV technisch hoogstaande kwaliteit bied welke constant en beheerst wordt door het unieke Datalogging systeem. Laat uw QC afdeling versteld staan door de uitgebreide registratie van data tijdens productie.

Recentelijk is Duroc NV beoordeeld met een 92,3/100 voor het werken met producten van Dörken MKS. Voor meer informatie over het product kunt u ook de website van Dörken raadplegen.

Automated Dip-Spin technology: M2 – M24 tot een lengte van 180mm.

Automated Spray technology: M16- M150 tot een lengte van 2000mm




Product description:

DELTA-LUBE® 10 offers the right re-lubrication with multifunctional characteristics for the DELTA-MKS® systems which guarantee excellent corrosion-protection.
Like all DELTA-MKS® products, DELTA-LUBE® 10 contains no heavy metals that cause harm to human health, such as Cr-(VI), and corresponds to the EU End-of-Life Vehicle Directive (2000/53/EG) and the EU Directive on the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (2002/95/EC).
No hydrogen embrittlement occurs when applying DELTA-LUBE® 10. The coating can be applied to both frame goods and to mass bulk goods.
DELTA-LUBE® 10 has been primarily invented to improve the assembly characteristics.
Corrosion resistance:
The corrosion resistance depends on the electroplated surface. It can be increased by the topcoat.
Coefficient of friction:
  • Coefficient of friction (µtot): 0,09-0,14 (accord. to VDA 235-203)
  • suitable for rack and/or bulk parts
  • conforms EU End-of-Life Vehicle Directive 2000/53/EC
  • conforms EU Directive on the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment 2002/95/EC
  • no hydrogen embrittlement due to application process
Special Features:
  • available in different colours
  • Curing temperature with max 260°C object temperature
  • water-based
  • leaves dry, fingerprint und abrasion-resistant lubricating layers
  • available worldwide
Small fasteners
Small fasteners
Big fasteners
Big fasteners
Stamp parts
Stamp parts
Clips, clamps
Clips, clamps

The details stated in this product sheet are based upon our current knowledge and experience. They do not release the user from the testing that is inevitable, given the diversity of possible influences in the processing and application of our products. Any legal guarantee of specific properties of suitability for any concrete operational purpose may not be assumed from the information provided.

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